<p class="align-justify"><b style="font-size: 9px; "><br /></b></p><p class="align-justify">Our steam-engine in design serie MIDI 1 with electric power of 10 - 35 kW we will offer for alternative production of electricity from waste heat, biomass and other renewable sources of energy.&nbsp;As one of the biggest advantage of our technology, beside the patented technical innovation, we consider unrivaled price/value offer for our customers.&nbsp;</p>

The company Tuvatech, Ltd. located in Trencin, it is a small development company that is engaged in developing engines with external combustion - engine with rotating piston - Wankel type. These engines represent an effective solution to the production of electricity from renewable energy sources (biomass, solar energy, waste heat in production plants).


Innovative technology of company is the engine with external combustion and rotating piston - type Wankel. As a working medium for these engines is currently water vapor, or in the future we are considering other working media.
Company Tuvatech will offer engine in three rows of development and one of the set:
1 / motor MICRO with an output of 100 W to 3 kW
2 / motor MIDI 1 with an output of 10 kW to 30 kW
3 / motor MIDI 2 with an output of 20 kW to 50 kW
4 / micro power plant: Complete with MICRO

Currently company own the working prototype engine MICRO, who runs a small micro electric generating station - Complete MICRO.

Competitive advantage:

Competitive advantage of the new engine is that in the production of small scale power (100 W to 50 kW), the smaller and low-temperature sources, these motors more efficient and less expensive than current technology - micro and mini turbine.

At the same time, the new type engines Wankel, contain fewer parts and have higher reliability than a Stirling engine and a classic steam engines, linear movement of the piston.

At present, the company has a working prototype of such engines and to continue the development and start production of the first engine needs a capital of 500 000 EUR.


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Account owner: Tuvatech, Ltd., Staničná 1062/24 Trenčín 911 05
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Account number: Sk72 7500 0000 0040 1900 3824
Bank: ČSOB a.s. Bratislava, branch Trenčín - Vajanského 3

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